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Designed for enjoyment and learning through engagement

Welcome to the magical world of Mai, a set of books and videos made especially for young English readers and people who are learning English. Immerse yourself in an amazing journey full of creativity, friendship, and new things to learn.

Step into Mai’s magical world, where each page comes to life with bright pictures and a story that keeps you interested. Join Mai, a young and inquisitive explorer, on her exciting quests to find hidden treasures and solve riddles. As you travel with her, you’ll meet interesting creatures, see beautiful places, and learn the secrets of this magical world.

World of Mai is a fun and immersive experience that was made with young English users and language learners in mind. The carefully chosen words and easy-to-understand language make sure that young minds can understand the beauty of the story and improve their English skills at the same time. Whether they read on their own or with help, kids will be motivated to improve their language skills and fall in love with reading.

In addition to the captivating books, World of Mai also has a number of captivating videos that bring the magic to life. Dive into an audiovisual adventure with beautiful images, interesting people, and interesting stories. Watch Mai’s adventures play out on the screen for a fun and involved way to learn. While enjoying Mai’s magical world, young readers can use the videos to practise their listening and understanding skills.

World of Mai is more than just a collection of books and movies. It’s a doorway to a world of learning and creativity. It encourages young readers to be creative, learn new words, and go on interesting adventures with their language. Children will learn more about the English language and society through Mai’s adventures, which will give them a love of reading that will last a lifetime.

Get ready to be enchanted by the World of Mai, where learning English turns into an exciting journey. Join us on this magical trip and find out how language and imagination can be magical.

World of Mai on Youtube

The World of Mai YouTube channel is a magical place where you can learn and use your ideas. Join us as we go on exciting journeys, find new worlds, and get young English readers and language learners excited about reading.

You’ll find a treasure trove of interesting movies on our channel that bring the beautiful world of Mai to life. Follow Mai, our daring main character, as she goes on exciting quests, solves riddles and meets interesting people. Our movies create an immersive experience that makes people curious and makes them want to read by using interesting images, lively stories, and charming animations.

Each movie is made with young English readers and people who are learning the language in mind. We use easy-to-understand language, clear speech, and age-appropriate words to help people learn and understand language. No matter how good you are at learning English, our movies are a fun way to improve your skills while having a magical time.

But the YouTube account World of Mai has more than just stories. We also have interactive language-learning games, tips on how to say words correctly, and vocabulary exercises to help you get better at the language. Our goal is to make it fun, easy, and interesting for kids of all ages to learn English.

Join the World of Mai YouTube channel’s growing group of young readers and language learners who love its magic. Sign up now to start a trip full of magic, friendship, and the power of your mind. Let’s look into books, languages, and adventures together!

Books available form Amazon & Other booksellers

Find out about the exciting World of Mai and bring the exciting experiences home with our books, which are available on Amazon in a number of different formats. Choose from our print, hardback, and ePub versions to get lost in the magical world of Mai.

Our paperback edition is great for people who like to hold a book in their hands. As you turn each page, you can see the colourful pictures and get lost in the interesting story. The paperback format is light and easy to carry, so you can take Mai’s experiences with you wherever you go.

Our hardback version is a great choice if you want something that will last longer and is more durable. The hardback version will keep Mai’s world alive for many years to come because of its strong cover and high-quality printing. You can relax and enjoy the story, knowing that the style is built to last.

People who like the simplicity of digital books can download our ePub version. Explore Mai’s world on your favourite e-reader or mobile device, and enjoy the freedom of being able to read whenever and wherever you want. The ePub format lets you change the size of the font, save your favourite pages, and look for specific words or phrases quickly and easily.

Go to Amazon and look for “World of Mai” in the Books section to buy the World of Mai books in the version you want. Look through the list to find the print, hardback, or ePub version that fits your reading style. You can go on an amazing trip with Mai and join her exciting adventures with just a few clicks.

With the World of Mai stories, you can learn the magic of reading and language. Choose your favourite format—paperback, hardcover, or ePub—and let the magic of Mai’s world draw you in. With the World of Mai books, available on Amazon, you can start your trip today and go on an adventure you’ll never forget.

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