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Welcome to the enchanting world of Mai! This series follows the adventures of Mai, a curious Vietnamese girl, and her magical friend Bao, a talking water buffalo. Together they explore the beautiful countryside, help villagers, and spread joy through laughter and friendship. The Mai books provide an engaging way for young English learners to improve their reading skills. The simple vocabulary, short sentences, and charming illustrations make these illustrated chapter books perfect for building comprehension. Discussion questions at the end of each book reinforce learning. Designed for CEFR levels A2-B1, these tales based on Vietnamese folklore, gently immerse readers into the Vietnamese culture. The themes of bravery, wisdom, kindness, and friendship are universally appealing. With the help of Mai and her friends, English skills grow through delight and wonder. Young readers will be enchanted by the magical world of Mai.

In this first book of the series, Mai befriends Bao, a magical talking water buffalo. Bao has special powers and regales Mai with enchanting stories about his mystical homeland. Together, they embark on thrilling adventures where Bao teaches Mai about nature, friendship, and being brave. When a little boy needs rescuing from the river, Mai and Bao courageously swoop in to save him. Their heroic act inspires the villagers who see the power of their special bond. Mai and Bao bring joy and help to the village, showing how friendship makes a difference. With laughter, teamwork, and a little magic, they triumph over any challenge. Join Mai and her unlikely friend Bao to discover the gift that comes from an extraordinary friendship in this heartwarming tale based on Vietnamese folklore.

Eleven-year-old Mai is always seeking adventure in her little Vietnamese village. One day, a dazzling starfruit tree scoops Mai and her best friend Bao, a magical water buffalo, into the air for a thrilling ride to the clouds. As Mai climbs higher on the glowing tree, she faces exciting challenges. Powerful winds threaten to blow her away. Thick dark clouds leave her lost and blind. And the weary tree starts to wilt under her feet. But with courage and perseverance, Mai overcomes every obstacle with Bao’s help. Driven by her desire to save the dying tree, Mai ascends all the way to the peak of the sky. There she finds the magical stardew to revive the starfruit tree and continues her journey to a shining celestial city. The star people welcome her with a spectacular party and teach her to always follow her dreams. With newfound gifts of bravery and belief in herself, Mai returns home ready for bedtime and more adventures with Bao. Mai’s story inspires that we can all be bold, persistent and achieve the impossible. Join Mai’s enchanting journey as she reaches for the stars! Bursting with magic, challenges, and heart, Mai and the Starfruit Adventure takes you on a ride you’ll never forget.

In a riverside village in Vietnam, the legendary Mã Đà river serpent suddenly appears, terrifying villagers with its immense size and ferocious hissing. But 12-year-old Mai bravely approaches the angry serpent, seeing past its frightening exterior to uncover the root of its sadness. Armed with her grandfather’s wisdom about conquering fear with kindness, Mai soothes the serpent’s rage and befriends the misunderstood creature. As she gently earns its trust, Mai transforms the entire village’s perception of the serpent, teaching compassion and open-mindedness. This heartwarming tale illustrates the power of empathy to overcome prejudice as a fearsome legend becomes an unlikely friend.

Meet the clever and curious Mai in this delightful tale of problem-solving and friendship. When Mai hears that the renowned Trạng Quỳnh is visiting her village, she seeks out his wisdom to learn how to creatively overcome any problem. With the help of her trusty friend Bao the water buffalo, Mai puts Trạng Quỳnh’s lessons into action as they face troublesome monkeys, drought, and feuding families. Through empathy, imagination and teamwork, Mai finds the perfect solutions and brings peace back to her village. Join her adventures and see how kindness and creative thinking can conquer any obstacle! This heartwarming story teaches little readers that they too can solve problems and help others with wisdom, compassion and a little magic.

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January 2024